Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fighter Jet Times - August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016

The F-35C is currently undergoing sea trials aboard the USS George Washington.

The UK is stockpiling a new version of the ASRAAM (Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile) that will be compatible with the F-35B fighter.

Russia's Ministry of Defense has released new footage depicting two prototype PAK-FA stealth fighter prototypes, as the Russian manufacturer struggles to justify the reported $50 million unit price tag for the new aircraft.

The U.S. Air Force is reportedly facing a projected shortage of some 700 pilots this year, with a similar shortage in trained mechanics.  Retaining skilled manpower has been a growing issue for the U.S. armed forces throughout the past decade.

Russian T-22M bombers and Su-34 strike jets have begun staging air strikes on anti-government rebels in Syria, using air bases in northern Iran.  The strikes are being carried out despite U.S. protests.  Russian officials have asserted that the air strikes are targeted against ISIS, while U.S. officials have maintained that the air strikes have been targeted against multiple anti-government factions - including rebel groups supported by the United States.

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