Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fighter Jet Times - January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016

The U.S. Air Force has announced plans to dispatched a pair of F-35A fighters to participate in upcoming air shows in the UK, including the Royal International Air Tatoo (RIAT) and the Farnborough Air Show.  The two are expected to be joined by two USMC F-35Bs, and at least one RAF fighter.  Previously scheduled UK air show appearances by the F-35 were cancelled two years ago due to an engine mishap that temporarily grounded the fleet.

In a memo released last month, the Pentagon's top weapons tester reported that the F-35 "continues to struggle in development" with a complex logistics system, the software for which was vulnerable to hacking.

The F-35 test fired an AIM-9X missile for the first time this past week.

The USAF deployed eight F-22 fighters to Yokota Air Base outside of Tokyo this past week - subsequently adding four more aircraft to the group, one of the largest overseas deployments yet seen for the F-22 Raptor.  The deployment comes after the a North Korean nuclear test.

Japan held an official roll-out ceremony for its ATD-X technology demonstrator this past week, introducing the aircraft as the X-2.

Russia's PAK-FA 5th generation fighter put on a display at this year's Bahrain Air Show.  Russian officials report that the aircraft will enter production in 2017.  They also report that a new engine for the airplane will likewise enter flight test next year.

India's Tejas fighter made its international air show debut at the Bahrain Air Show this past week.

India and France signed an agreement for the delivery of 36 Rafale fighters during a visit to New Delhi by French Prime Minister Francois Hollande - although there are details surrounding the deal that still remain to be worked out.

Turkish Aerospace Industries is hoping to pen a contract by mid-2016 to formally launch the development of an indigenous stealth fighter.

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