Saturday, January 2, 2016

Book Review: An Illustrated Guide to the Israeli Air Force

Bill Gunston
An Illustrated Guide to the Israeli Air Force
New York: Arco Publishing, 1982
Category: Israel Air Force - Aircraft

Rating: 3-Stars

This book was one in a series of "illustrated guides" published during the early 1980s, with other volumes focused on U.S. or Soviet aircraft - each authored to Bill Gunston, who was far and away the most prolific aviation author in the UK at the time.  An Illustrated Guide to the Israeli Air Force includes profiles on 78 aircraft, spanning from Israel's pre-state Sherut Avir to the modern Israeli air force of the 1980s.  The descriptions for each aircraft are further complemented by photographs and color profiles.

As a comprehensive guide to Israel's aircraft, Bill Gunston's collection has since been overtaken by Bill Norton's Air War on the Edge - which offers much more detail on the operational history of each aircraft.  For the time that it was written, however, Bill Gunston's Illustrated Guide was as complete of an account as was available anywhere - making this volume a worthwhile addition for any avid collector of Israeli air force history.

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