Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lavi - A Book Review from the Air Force Research Institute

My book on the Lavi was recently reviewed by Maj Matthew C. Wunderlich (USAF), on behalf of the Air Force Research Institute.

For those who are less familiar with it, the Air Force Research Institute sponsors the quarterly Air & Space Power Journal, as well as the Air University Press which publishes its own collection of aviation-themed titles.

As Maj Wunderlich notes, "individual personalities in the Israeli and US governments, complemented by repeated financial crises, ultimately doomed the cutting-edge Lavi program." The ramifications of these events, and the lessons in real world politics that they hold, remain relevant for us even to this day.  As Maj Wunderlich points out,
The themes of airpower dominance, technological innovation, and aviation acquisition provide critical lessons learned from the Lavi that readily translate to contemporary issues facing the United States Air Force.
As I pointed out in a previous posting, no one writes a book like this in the belief that they are going to make their fortunes as an author. You write a book such as this because you have something to say. It has been my sincere hope that the lessons of these events might yet be learned by future generations.

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