Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fighter Jet Times - October 27, 2016

October 27, 2016

Some analysts are proposing that the F-35 stealth fighter, with its advanced sensor suite and radar evading capabilities, will alter how future wars are fought.

A U.S. Air National Guard pilot described his training experience with the F-35 by saying that "If you get into a dogfight with the F-35, somebody made a mistake," emphasizing that its stealth attributes should allow the airplane to avoid a dogfight scenario.

The U.S. Marine Corps has announced plans to deploy the F-35B to Japan for the first time next year.

The U.S. Navy is advancing plans for an unmanned, low-observable air-refueling drone, labeled the MQ-25A Stingray.

Lockheed Martin has received two contract modifications to supply maintenance support for the F-22 Raptor.

Officials have pointed out that Lockheed Martin's plans to shut down its F-16 production line in Fort Worth, and potentially re-open F-16 assembly in India, would effectively preclude the delivery of new-build F-16s to Pakistan in the future.

Malaysia has identified the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale as the only contendors for its multirole combat aircraft (MRCA) program, aimed at replacing its fleet of MiG-29 fighters.  A down-select is expected by 2020.

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon fighters arrived in Japan this past week for military training exercises with Japan.

Lockheed Martin is developing proposals for a next-generation stealth fighter that would be co-developed and produced with Japan.  Lockheed has participated in a number of joint fighter development fighters over the years, including Taiwan's Ching-Kuo and South Korea's FA-50.

Turkish F-16s have reportedly targeted Kurdish positions near Aleppo, amid continued factional tension in the area.

An Israeli investigation has cleared the pilot of error in the recent fatal crash of an Israeli F-16I fighter.  Maj. Ohad Coehn Nov died while ejecting from his stricken aircraft on October 5th.  The cause of the airplane's reported mechanical problems has not yet been isolated.

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