Monday, May 9, 2016

Single Aisle News

May 9, 2016

Discount carrier JetBlue has reportedly entered talks with Canada's Bombardier for a possible order for C-Series aircraft.

International lease company Avolon has delivered its first A320 NEO aircraft to a customer.  The aircraft will be flown by IndiGo, which already operates the NEO model - which it also directly owns.  Avolon has a standing order for a further 99 A320 NEO family aircraft.

Boeing is examining options for improving the competitiveness of both the largest and smallest member of its 737 MAX family.  The 180-seat 737 MAX-9 is currently being out-sold by the A321 NEO by a five-to-one margin.  The 126-seat 737 MAX-7, meanwhile, has sold only 60 copies, and is under threat from a rejuvenated Bombardier C-Series campaign.

The CEO for leasor AerCap Holdings has expressed an interest in a larger Boeing 737 MAX-9, should such a version become available, but says his company is not looking to add any smaller aircraft to its fleet, such as the 737 MAX-7 or Bombardier C-Series.

A prototype Boeing 737 MAX has traveled internationally for the first time, traveling to La Paz, Bolivia for take-off and landing tests at high elevation.

Russia's Irkut Corp., which is currently developing the MC-21 single aisle airline as a rival to the Airbus A320 NEO and Boeing 737 MAX, posted a net loss of $31.1 million for 2015.  The company's current sources of revenue center around deliveries of Su-30 fighters and Yak-130 military trainers.

CFM International's LEAP-1B, the version of the new engine that powers Boeing's 737 MAX, received joint type certification from the FAA and EASA.  The LEAP-1B is the exclusive engine on the 737 MAX.  The larger LEAP-1A, which is offered as an alternative on the Airbus A320 NEO, was certified last November, although it has not yet made it into customer deliveries.

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