Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fighter Jet Times - May 5, 2016

May 5, 2016

Following a Congressional mandate requiring the Pentagon to obtain estimates for potentially restarting the F-22 production line, there has been considerable media speculation as to whether such a restart might take place.

The U.S. Air Force deployed two F-22s to Lithuania for the first time this past week.  Lithuania joined NATO in 2004, and is among the easternmost members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Israel has begun testing modified versions of locally produced munitions, including the Spice precision-guided bomb, that can be accommodated by the internal weapons bay of an F-35.

India's Law Ministry has objected to the recent deal to buy 36 Rafale fighters for the Indian Air Force, citing loopholes in the contract's liability clause, and arbitration terms.  Despite clear interest from India's Air Force, closing a deal for the French-built airplane has dragged out for over a year, while similar contracts with Egypt and Qatar have been quickly closed.

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