Friday, December 25, 2015

Lavi Book in Print: Photographs

My book on Israel's Lavi program finally started to ship from various retailers this past week. I know that Amazon reported the book as in-stock as of last week Thursday, and my own copy arrived from the publisher on Monday. It's been a long effort to see this story finally told, and in print.

The one thing that I would most have liked to have seen done differently in the book, however, were the photographs and illustrations. I really would have liked to have included more photographs, and to have seen them published in color. So here, for the benefit of those who might be wondering what they would have looked like, is a copy of the proposed photography package for the book - in color where available. I'll add a similar collection for the illustrations at a later juncture.  Who knows, if the demand is sufficient, there might even be the possibility for an extended, illustrated edition one day.  Enjoy.

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