Sunday, December 6, 2015

Book Review: Dassault Mirage: The Combat Log

Salvador Mafe Huertas
Dassault Mirage: The Combat Log
Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 1996
Category: Israel Air Force - History

Rating: 4-Stars

Salvador Mafe Huertas has collected stories from the worldwide combat experience of the Mirage - including not only the original Mirage III, but also its many derivatives including the Nesher and Kfir fighters.  Not surprisingly, in a book devoted to the combat history of the Mirage, the majority of the book is delegated to the Israeli air force - although there are also chapters devoted to Argentina and Pakistan.

The book has a broad selection of color photographs, and covers operational deployments in fair detail complimented by a selection of pilot interviews.  Not as refined and detailed as some of the other books on the market - books dedicated to specific Israeli squadrons or specific wars - but certainly a fair retelling across a broad period of history.

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