Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Single Aisle News - October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015

AirBaltic's CEO Martin Gauss has sought reassurances from Bombardier regarding both the delivery schedule and future production plans for the Bombardier C-Series.  AirBaltic is expected to be the launch customer for the larger CS300 model, currently scheduled for delivery in September 2016.

Luxemburg's Luxair is expected to decide in 2016 whether to buy the Bombardier C-Series or Embraer E2 E-Jet to replace its fleet of Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

The recent election win of the Liberal Party in the Canadian parliament will also likely be a setback for plans to expand Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport.  The proposed runway expansion has been opposed by several Liberal Party members, and is key to plans by Porter Airlines to expand its service to the airport, utilizing the new C-Series airline.  Currently, only turboprops are allowed to fly out of the downtown Toronto airport, but Porter has been attempting to leverage the reduced noise level of the C-Series with its Geared TurboFan(TM) to have that rule overturned.

The maiden flight for Japan's first Mitsubishi Regional Jet has been delayed by two weeks to repair a faulty pedal in the airplane's cockpit.  The first flight is now expected to take place during the second week of November.

Oman Air has placed 20 firm orders for Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, including 6 previous orders for the Boeing 737 NG which were converted to MAX orders.

Boeing has powered-up the cockpit for its first 737 MAX prototype, which was modeled to resemble the 787 Dreamliner cockpit.

Russia's Sukhoi has obtained its second Western order for its Superjet regional airliner, with an order for 15 from CityJet.  Analysts remain divided, however, as to whether the Superjet can continue to obtain orders after more fuel efficient aircraft such as the Embraer E-Jet E2 enter service in coming years.

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