Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Book Review: G-Suit

Merav Halperin & Aharon Lapidot
G-Suit: Combat Reports from Israel's Air War
London: Sphere Books, 1990
Category: Israel Air Force - Biography

Rating: 4-Stars

This small, and little-known paperback contains a wealth of first-hand interviews with the pilots of the Israeli Air Force.  At 203 pages in length, this little volume packs an array of eyewitness accounts of life in the cockpit - many of which are available nowhere else.

Spanning from the 1956 Sinai Campaign to the 1982 Lebanon War, this compilation includes accounts from such celebrated Israeli pilots as Ran Ronen, Giora Romm, Beni Peled, Asher Snir, Yiftach Spector, and Aviem Sella, in addition to many lessor known pilots.  There's even a first-hand account of the final mission of Shmuel Hetz (commanding officer of Israel's first Phantom squadron), as told by his navigator, Menachem Eini.  In many of the later accounts, the individual pilot names have not been released (as is typical for pilots who are still on active duty).

All told, this book is a little-known treasure for those who appreciate first-hand experiences from the cockpit.

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