Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wide Body Report - March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017

Kuwait Airways has taken delivery of its fifth Boeing 777-300ER.

Cracked tubes in a fuel-oil heat exchanger have been identified as the root cause for a fire aboard a Singapore International Airways Boeing 777 in June 2016.  The fire started two hours into the flight from Singapore to Milan, aboard the airplane's right GE90 engine, and eventually spread to the right wing.  The airplane made a successful emergency landing.

India's Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has determined that Air India significantly understated its operating loss for the past three years.  The CAG also reported that during this period, Air India resold five Boeing 777-200ER aircraft to Etihad Airways at well below market value for the used aircraft.

Air Canada has reportedly made a significant profit over the past year, leveraging demand for Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner, by reselling its newly delivered 787 aircraft to lessors.

Korean Air has begun service flying the Boeing 787 on domestic routes.

Boeing has reportedly secured an order from an undisclosed, sixth Chinese customer for the 787 Dreamliner.

Malaysia Airlines expects to receive two Airbus A350-900s by year-end.

Airbus' prototype A350-1000 has been undergoing low-speed take-off tests, in support of its year-end certification goal.

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