Monday, February 27, 2017

Single Aisle News - February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017

Swiss expects to receive additional C-Series aircraft in time for its summer season - allowing the airline to expand the range of its connecting flights throughout Europe.

After announcing a slip in its MRJ program, Mitsubishi is still finalizing its new production delivery schedule.  Production targets for 2020, when the airplane is expected to enter service, have been scaled back from 10 aircraft per month to only one aircraft per month.

Indonesia's Citilink has taken delivery of their its A320 NEO, out of a total order for 35 of the new model.  Indonesia's NEOs will be powered by CFM LEAP-1A engines.

Qantas has deferred the initial deliveries of its A320 NEO family aircraft, as it prioritizes its investments towards longer range aircraft.

Speaking at a news conference, Airbus' CEO Tom Enders emphasized that engine maker Pratt & Whitney needs to continue to recover its delivery schedule for engines for the A320 NEO, after running into delays last year.

International Airlines Group, the holding company for British Airways, is reportedly considering an order for the A321 NEO, after placing a similar order for seven A321 NEO models for its Aer Lingus subsidiary.

China's C919 prototype is expected to make its first flight within the coming weeks, after completing most of its ground checks.

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