Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Single Aisle News - January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017

Bombardier is evaluating options for re-engining its CRJ regional jet product line, to keep it competitive until it can afford to invest in an all-new regional jet design.

Mitsubishi Aircraft has announced plans to increase the staff at its U.S.-based engineering center from 150 to more than 350 personnel, in support of its Mitsubishi Regional Jet flight test center.

Despite being late, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) is still expected to be competitive in its market, with only the Embraer E175-E2 offering a comparable, next-generation regional jet.

Pratt & Whitney's Geared TurboFan (GTF) engine has reportedly run into reliability issues with a fuel seal and combustion liner.  Upgraded parts are expected to be available for retrofit later this year.

The first Airbus A320 NEO that had been designated for delivery to Qatar has been repainted in IndiGo colors.  Qatar has been renegotiating the sale to upgrade the airplanes that it has on order from the A320 NEO to the larger A321 NEO model.

Boeing has deployed a 737 MAX aircraft to Australia for the first time as part of its flight test program, and to test out anticipated customer routes.

Although Southwest is still officially the "launch customer" for the Boeing 737 MAX, the first customer deliveries are now expected to be for Norwegian Air Shuttle, which expects to receive its first aircraft in May.  Norwegian placed its order for the MAX about a month after Southwest, but is reportedly better positioned to absorb the airplanes early.

China's Comac expects to enter flight test with its C919 airline in March.  The airplane will feature the CFM International LEAP-1C engine, a derivative of the LEAP-1A that is offered as an option for the A320 NEO.

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