Monday, September 12, 2016

Single Aisle News - September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016

Bombardier has cut its year-end delivery forecast for the C-Series from 15 to 7 airplanes, due to production ramp-up delays at engine supplier Pratt & Whitney.

Embraer reports that no delays to its flight test schedule are expected for the new E190-E2 E-Jet, despite delays in engine deliveries that have afflicted Bombardier.  Both the E190-E2 and the Bombardier C-Series are equipped with versions of Pratt & Whitney's Geared TurboFan engine.

AirAsia has taken delivery of its first A320 NEO, marking the 17th NEO aircraft delivered to date, and the second to be equipped with CFM LEAP-1A engines.

Embraer has set aside $200 million to pay for potential fines that may arise from a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into an alleged bribery scandal involving the sale of aircraft to India's armed forces.

Mitsubishi Aircraft's MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) prototype has returned to flight test, following identification of a sensor that led to two aborted attempts to ferry the aircraft to the United States.  Mitsubishi Aircraft intends to attempt another ferry flight by the end of September.

Airbus delivered 61 aircraft in August, bringing the total deliveries for the year to 400 aircraft, and putting Airbus back on track for delivering 645 aircraft by year end.

Boeing continues to examine stretched versions of the 737 MAX-9, referred to by some as a potential MAX-10 version, to counter the Airbus A321 NEO which has dominated sales in that size class.  The aircraft could be available by 2020, if Boeing chooses to launch the stretched derivative.  Boeing officials are evaluating whether a simple stretch would provide the necessary range to compete with the Airbus aircraft, or if they would need to also fit the larger, more fuel efficient version of the LEAP engine developed for the Airbus model.

China's Comac reports that it is on-track to launch the first flight of its C919 single-aisle transport by year-end.  The C919 is expected to be powered by the CFM International LEAP-1C.

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