Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Space Highlights - June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016

An unspecified "anomaly" forced Arianespace to postpone the launch of the next Ariane 5 booster, that had been expected to launch the Echostar XVIII and BRIsat communications satellites this week.

The Russian GEO-1K 2 satellite, designed to map the Earth's gravitational field, was placed into orbit this past week.

A U.S. military surveillance satellite is expected to be launched aboard a Delta 4 booster later this week.

The launch of three Russian "Gonets" communication satellites has been delayed until year-end.

A Russian Proton-M booster has been rolled into position for launch of an Intelsat communications satellite later this week.

Satellite companies continue to monitor the accumulation of debris in low earth orbit, which poses a potential hazard to satellites of all varieties.

NASA's Opportunity rover has discovered additional evidence for ancient water on Mars, in the form of sulfate rich salts in the soil - which suggest that water once pooled at the edge of the crater where the rover recently arrived.

The ESA regained contact with the Rosetta spacecraft after it briefly lost contact over the weekend.  It is believed that the spacecraft became disoriented, after its navigation system mistook dust particles for navigational stars as it adjusted its antenna orientation.  Rosetta is currently in orbit around Comet 67P.

A newly released back-lit photo of Pluto captures detailed images of Pluto's clouds for the first time.  The clouds are believed to be formed from methane, condensing in Pluto's nitrogen atmosphere.

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