Sunday, February 14, 2016

Book Review: Modern Israeli Air Power

Thomas Newdick and Ofer Zidon
Modern Israeli Air Power: Aircraft and Units of the Israeli Air Force
Houston, TX: Harpia Publishing, 2013
Category: Israel Air Force - Aircraft

Rating: 3-Stars

This book makes only passing mention of Israeli air force experience during the 20th century, focusing instead on the 21st century, and on documenting current Israeli aircraft, squadrons, and air bases.  Illustrated with a wide assortment of photographs, plus a selection of aircraft side-views, the book documents Israeli squadron badges and aircraft roles in the early 21st century.

What this book lacks is a level of depth - either technical or historical - to properly place the photography into perspective.  Any air force can look impressive when you only look at the pictures.  It's the operational element that sets the Israeli air force apart.  Modern Israeli Air Power isn't a bad book for the new reader, for whom this might be their first introduction to the Israeli air force.  But it has been vastly overshadowed by volumes such as Bill Norton's Air War on the Edge: an encyclopedic volume which provides both the technical background for each aircraft as well as their operational history.

Again, not a bad first book on the IDF/AF, just not a great one.

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