Monday, November 30, 2015

Book Review: Israel's Air Force

Samuel M. Katz
Israel's Air Force
Osceola, WI: Motor Books International, 1991
Category: Israel Air Force - Aircraft

Rating: 2-Stars

Samuel Katz has written a number of remarkable books chronicling the elite of Israel's military, including Fire & Steel (the story of Israel's 7th Armored Brigade) and The Night Raiders (the story of Israel's naval commando unit).  Unfortunately, Israel's Air Force is not among them.

Israel's Air Force falls into that category of coffee table picture books, perhaps with a little more text than most, but without the level of detail that would be expected from a historical or technical volume.  The book offers some beautiful full color photography of Israel's aircraft - much of it taken in the 1980s during maneuvers with Israel's ground forces - and a general description for the organization of Israel's armed forces, and even a little of their training regimen.  What is lacking is either the pilot interviews, historical missions, or the detailed technical survey, that makes other books on the subject stand out.

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